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Wedding website tips

There are two main portals in Brazil specializing in websites for couples like you:

And what are the differences between the two?

  • Both offer a free website option;

  • They discount a percentage for withdrawals very similar to the free plan

  • Lejour: 3.89%

  • iCasei: 3.89% to 3.79%

  • iCasei offers premium options to newlyweds, additional functions on sites that are paid for, currently the most expensive plan, black, costs R$ 111.90 for 3 months of active site, and with this plan the discounted rate on withdrawal can drop by up to 3 .69%.

Making a wedding website is very elegant and makes your life much easier, as it is the official communication channel between you, the bride and groom, and all the guests.

Whatsapp groups can become chaotic, people don't read what they need to read, too many messages get in the way.

Then make your wedding website and send it to your guests.


Your guests will receive a link to your wedding website, andthey will see your story, photos of you, information about the location of the ceremony, about the party.


And in a wayvery discreetthey will see theyour suggested gift list, that ready list that the site made for you.


After they buy the presents,you can withdraw in cash. There is a small credit card discount fee and one on the website for the service.


But the sites listed here are a national reference, with decades of tradition, and maintain a great rate discounted from the gift list, which is very small.

Worth knowing!

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