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About Us

The site belongs to the wedding celebrant Daniel Santos, CNPJ 32.860.139/0001-00, located in the city of Ubatuba, north coast of the state of São Paulo.

Below you will find the story of Daniel Santos and a lot of relevant information.

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Who is Daniel Santos?


Daniel Santos was born in 1985 in the city of Jacareí - SP, where he stayed until he was 21 years old, when he passed the university entrance exam.UNICAMP in the Social Sciences course, joining in 2006 and graduating in 2010 as a sociologist.

He came from a working-class, middle-class family and learned the values of hard work and honesty as the only way to a full and happy life.

international experiences

With few resources to travel, but enormous willpower, he joined the program ICP - International College Program at Walt Disney World Resorts in 2007, having been one of the thousand Brazilians selected by Disney, in Brazil, to work at the Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida. The competition for this program, that year, was 10 thousand applicants, all with fluent English and in the second semester of some college.

He worked for 2 months at the Epcot theme park, living at Vista Way, a condo for young Disney workers, in Orlando. He successfully completed hospitality training at Disney University, finishing the program on time, in January 2008 when he started a train trip across the US, Amtrak.

During that train trip, he stayed at the homes of several Americans through the Couch Surfing website, being able to immerse himself in American culture, and observe how they really live in their daily lives.

In the second half of2008 left for an undergraduate exchange program between Unicamp and Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III, where he studied literature and war and for a year lived in 14eme arr. in the south of Paris.

He went through many experiences within French culture, working as a barista at Gallerie Lafayete, just behind Opera Garnier. He participated in extracurricular activities at the university, and something very common in France, discussion and study groups on politics, cinema and literature.

In2010 was part of a study group on social anthropology in Haiti, but the research and the trip were interrupted by the earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, which left 300,000 dead in Haiti, the vast majority in Port-au-Prince, where Daniel and the team were at the time of the accident. The entire group of 9 people survived, but it was quite a scare that marked our lives forever.

At the moment

Since 2018, Daniel Santos has been living in Ubatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo, where he lives with his wife Hellen Nogueira, a bridal advisor, and their son Gabriel Henrique.

After having spent 10 years in the corporate world of forklift factories in São Bernardo do Campo and Vinhedo, he decided to change his life and have his own business, living close to his family, with better quality of life.

As a professional actor, trained at Teatro Escola Macunaíma in São Paulo, and a sociologist at Unicamp, he manages to personalize ceremonies in his own way, which can never be copied.

Student of University of the Celebrant, and Unboring Officiant, is always looking for new knowledge and is always improving.

For this very reason, as it cannot be copied, Daniel helps people who have been invited by friends to celebrate weddings. It does not offer a professional course, but it does provide tips and materials in two different places: celebrants club and ceremony kit.

Given his professional and personal experiences, he is one of the few celebrants in the world able to perform a wedding ceremony in two, three or four languages. And he is recognized and nominated by advisors from all over Brazil, to perform ceremonies wherever he is called!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!

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