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Beside officiating a wedding, there are other essential roles in a wedding ceremony such as giving a speech or toasts, and they are a great responsibility and honor at the same time.

The ceremony has unique moments where feelings are on the surface. Some of those moments are when people, who are very close to the bride and groom, dedicate a few words to the couple from the bottom of their hearts.

example os wedding speech in wedding
Wedding Celebrant makig his speech to cride and groom

Introduction to wedding speech

There are a couple of ways in which you can do the introduction to the wedding speech, and I will give you the best guide to follow:

  • First of all if you are not the bride or groom, introduce yourself: your name and what is your relationship with the couple.

  • After that, it will be good to give the corresponding greetings. So, make a list of people you want to target especially. If, for example, you are the groom, it will be good for you to greet the bride's parents, your parents, perhaps the wedding planner, thanking for managing it, and then thank everyone in attendance for their participation in the wedding – “Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.”

  • After the introduction, you need a moment to break the ice, so it is a good idea to share an anecdote (nothing too revealing) that makes the guests laugh.

  • You can opt for a phrase with humor, or look for a more romantic one from the couple’s favorite author or a song.

  • Maybe say some phrase about love or commitment, not very long or complex, that can open the way to ideas that you will develop later, such as “The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”.

introduction to wedding speech funny
Bride and groom laughing during her wedding ceremony

Wedding speech ideas, examples, and tips

There are many kinds of wedding speeches, all of them with the same goal – sharing the overwhelming emotions the guests and the couple have on a special day.

Every honored guest, and the bride and groom themselves, deserve to give an unforgettable speech.

This is why I will give you some useful ideas, tips and short examples of speech in wedding.

Bride speech about parents

A very important example of speech in wedding is one of the brides about parents. Same as the groom, the bride should also express her gratitude to all family and friends and love for her partner.

When it comes to the parents, in case you are the bride, start by saying how thankful you are to the groom’s parents for the warm welcome into their family.

Say an enormous thanks to your wonderful parents, describing them as the best ones a child could have.

Open your heart by telling them how proud you are of them both, of their love, support, and guidance all over the years.

Don’t forget to say something like: ‘’Your love and care for each other has taught me a lot and will keep showing me the way because you have been a true example to our relationship”.

In addition to this, mention that both sets of your parents have been amazing to you and that this special day wouldn’t be possible without them.

sister of the bride speech
The bride's sister make her speech

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Sister of the bride speech

Like any introduction part, start with greeting the guests. It’s a great choice to continue with some funny anecdote that you remember or that is especially important for both of you.

For example how you grew up playing together and shared your teenage troubles. This will be a wonderful start to an emotional wedding speech for sister.

Search through your memory and tell about the time when your sister arrived at your parents' house accompanied by the one who from now on will be your brother-in-law. Share your first thoughts about him, even though they sound funny at the moment of the wedding.

For example share her image of a dream man of the age when she was 15, like "he must be blond with blue eyes" or "he must be a football player".

These types of stories make the guests laugh and show your special bond with your sister and at the same time you have the opportunity to tease her!

Also, surely there is something special in their love, so share how much you admire their bond and relationship.

At the end send a message to the groom to take care of your sister, because otherwise, she has the best bodyguard - her precious sister.

And of course, wish them the best of luck! This is such an emotional example of speech at the wedding.

Brother of the bride speech

It’s common knowledge that brother and sister have that special and unique connection that grows over the years. So, on her wedding day, a brother must give a speech that everyone will admire.

Start by giving thanks to both of them, but some special words of gratitude to your sister are a must because she was always there for you, and that is why she is so important to you.

If you have passions in common, now is the time to introduce them! You may have attended a large number of concerts, contests, parties, or other activities while growing up together. Remember these good times shared.

I think that in a brother’s humor is also always welcome if mastered. It allows bringing a little lightness after an emotional sequence.

For example, you could say ‘’(Name of your sister’s spouse), I want to tell you how lucky you are to have met my sister because she is amazing in everything she does.

On the other hand, I also have to warn you – follow up with some funny story about your sister's little flaws, and try not to be mean.

Afterward, continue with ‘’I am delighted to see you so happy today and I wish you that this happiness lasts forever.

You know that I remain always present, today and every other day, to love you, support you, laugh and cry by your side. Be always happy and have a wonderful marriage!’’

Wedding toasts

A wedding toast is simply a short speech honoring the couple, with a glass raised to cherish the love and commitment they are making. It is a complete hit to incorporate your own feelings and special relationships with the couple into your own toast wording.

Above I gave you some short but great examples of speech in weddings, and now I will give you a few extraordinary ideas of wedding toasts. Get inspired by them!

  • About lasting love

"May your joy and love be as deep as the ocean and your worries as light as its foam."

  • For Health and Wealth

"May the two of you have love, health, and wealth, but most importantly, may you have them all the time in the world to fully enjoy them."

  • For Good Luck

"May the joys and happiness you share today be only the start of a lifetime of great happiness, good luck and fulfillment."

  • Advice to the Couple

"Be sure to always know that a successful marriage requires you to fall in love many times, but each time with your spouse."

If you liked my example of speech in wedding, contact me or buy wedding scripts for your dream day, specially curated by me – a professional wedding officiant!


What are some of the first things to include in a wedding speech?

A wedding speech should be about the bride and groom. It should be light-hearted, funny, and sentimental. It should also be tailored to the audience in attendance.

The first things that a speaker needs to include in a speech are: an introduction of the couple, an anecdote from the couple's past, and a few words from each parent.

The introduction is usually about how the couple met and how their love story began. The anecdote can be about any amusing or interesting event that happened during their relationship such as when they first kissed or when they got engaged.

The words from each parent is usually just a sentence or two on what they think of their son or daughter's spouse-to-be and why they think they are perfect for each other.

What is the best way to start a wedding speech?

What is the best way to end a wedding speech?

How long should a wedding speech be?

What should I include in my wedding speech?

What if I don't know what to say or have nothing to say?


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