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Officiant wedding ceremony script
Speech made by wedding officiant

What is a wedding ceremony script and who is reading it?

Without a doubt, the wedding ceremony is the center of attention at every wedding and the officiant wedding ceremony script is the heart and soul of it.

Usually, couples chose a person who they both appreciate and who is amazing enough to officiate their wedding. This has a sentimental value for them because it is the most special moment of their lives and this person is making it official!

When they choose a close person to marry them, they expect a personalized ceremony, unique and unrepeatable, that has a sweet and fun wedding script.

Have you been the chosen one, the one who will officiate your friend's or favorite family member's wedding, and do you need some great tips on how to get the job done perfectly?

If you are, you most probably want to have the script that will make the guests cry and laugh from happiness and be excited about what is coming, all at the same time.

A sample of an officiant wedding ceremony script

There are a lot of examples of wedding ceremonies. For example, the couple may want some religious elements, where you can include fragments of their religious beliefs and even some traditions to the ceremony.

Here I will suggest one of my combinations of a classic and modern script that will help you write your adjusted, original one.

  • We are gathered here today to unite _____________ and _____________ in marriage. First of all, congratulations on having decided to take the big step of uniting both of your lives. In this happy moment, you realize before your loved ones that you have found the person who it is worth spending the rest of your days with. Now you have a journey full of surprises: a whole new life together.

  • You will have to overcome the obstacles, but I know you are firm in your love, and you will be able to overcome them. Simply, find love in big events, like today, but also in the smallest and simplest things. It only remains for me to read something I know means a lot to your relationship (read below in the part ‘Your introduction speech’).

  • Next, ________________, ___________ of the groom and then_______________ ,______________of the bride will read us something they have written in honor of the couple.

  • We have reached the key moment of the ceremony in which you must take the floor to confirm what you feel for each other and be serious about it. Proceed to your vows.

  • So, I ask you: _________________, do you want to marry ____________ ? _________________, do you want to marry ____________ ?

  • Now you can proceed to exchange the rings.

  • You can now kiss the bride (now include something funny in the officiant wedding ceremony script - read below in the part ‘Farewell’).

For your ceremony to be remembered for its emotion and perfection, I will tell you the basic steps that will transform the above sample into a personalized marriage script. Do not miss them and take notes so that everything, including the final “yes, I do”, is as original as possible!

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1. Your introduction speech

In order to make a wedding ceremony funny script, incorporate some details of their love story, such as when they met or some funny yet emotional anecdote.

You can continue with the lyrics of their special song, fragments of a movie script or if you are talented enough, come up with a short monologue in which humor is combined with the characteristics of the couple – in a pleasant and sympathetic way.

A text that provokes some emotional memory for their relationship, original and sentimental.

2. The speeches

Next, the speeches of two friends or family members of the bride and groom are usually read. You can ask to read the speeches in advance to see if they adapt to the style of your wedding ceremony script.

wedding vows speech
Making vows as a couple

3. The Vows and ‘Do you want to marry’ part

When the speeches are over, let the bride and groom recite their vows or say the reasons why they want to get married.

In a personalized ceremony, it is usually the most emotional part of the wedding and the most anticipated. In your officiant wedding ceremony script you have the option to stick with the traditional 'do you want to marry...?' or go a bit more creative and add something humorous like ‘ and put up with him/her for the rest of your life?’.

It is all about the personalities of the couple and how they want their story to unfold.

4. Farewell

To finish, you will encourage the couple to go for the traditional wedding kiss. Make the guests laugh by saying: ‘Kiss her already, don't let me talk anymore, I can continue until tomorrow and you will skip your first wedding night!’

Then, wish the love birds happiness in their new life adventure. In addition, thank the guests for attending the beautiful wedding.

wedding script microphone
Wedding script ready to be read

What should be included in a wedding ceremony script

So taking into consideration one of my samples for wedding ceremony scripts, what should be included and what not?

Rather than offering advice on what to say when officiating a wedding, it is almost more effective to pay attention to avoid the most common mistakes, so that the text is much more appropriate.

  • Avoiding excessive romanticism or drama is always recommended. The emotion should be produced naturally, but not forced with melodramatic passages that can have the opposite effect on the guests.

  • The goal is to make the ceremony last about 30 to 45 minutes, so have a short but impressive officiant wedding ceremony script.

  • Unrelated topics or excessive wording is best left at home – avoid tiring the guests. Just try to say or read things that symbolize their magical love.

  • Anecdotes that cause embarrassment should not be discussed on such an important day, be funny, but without exaggeration.

  • Creating a reading based on fragments of literary works, such as The Little Prince, is still the best confirmation of what was expressed in the first point. Better creativity than repetition. Read something that is related exclusively to them, and not to every other couple on the planet.

If you like my style as a professional wedding officiant, contact me! You can also buy the best wedding officiant scripts uniquely designed by me, and amaze everyone at the ceremony. And if you prefer to do it all by yourself, just remember, creating the officiant wedding ceremony script has to come from the heart.

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