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Partners of celebrant Daniel Santos

In this life nobody comes alone and nobody goes alone. We are all a set of experiences accumulated with other people. And with each person we meet we change a little bit. That is why we must approach positive people, good people who add peace and love.

When I arrived in Ubatuba, I didn't know what I was going to do here. I was not yet clear in my head how to survive. The dream I had, to live in this natural paradise, to be able to surf and make trails in the Atlantic Forest, that was what I sought and I continue to seek because these experiences connect me with the whole, bring me closer to God.

The first person to support me and be moved by the news that I would actually move here was my wife, Hellen Nogueira, a ceremonialist and wedding advisor .

After her, it was her family's turn to support me, the grandmother Dona Marlene who received me at her home in the first days, and then Mr. Everaldo and Dona Helena, who are wedding decorators here.

Hellen told me that I had everything to do with wedding celebrants, that I should look for a course, training and offer this product here. But it was after a joke that Kaue Matos, from Prisma sound and lighting, made me convinced myself that this was really the way to go.

By chance, I met Adriana Brito, events coordinator at Itamambuca Eco Resort who, when I heard about my training as a celebrant, immediately indicated me to two couples, and thanks to God and her recommendation, everything worked out, I got the contracts, I performed the ceremonies thus getting my first photos for dissemination. That was in May and June 2019.

Today things are going well and we are a family that live off weddings, we even came out in an article by Zankyou about it. And thanks to God we improve each day, in a constant evolution in search of the fulfillment of the dreams of these new families.

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