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Celebrant for a Day

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Have you been invited to celebrate a wedding and don't know where to start? My name is Daniel Santos, I am a professional wedding celebrant, I have performed more than 150 personalized ceremonies for each couple and I realized that the difficulty you are facing now is the difficulty of many. So I decided to help by preparing exclusive content for those who are going to celebrate their friends' weddings, but don't want to be a professional celebrant. That is, it is concise content and focused on building a ceremony. A step-by-step video, which will guide you through all the steps, so that you feel safe and with the certainty that you will have a beautiful ceremony for the couple. The steps to be followed, which are on video and with complementary documents, are: Introduction {Video of how to use this material} What to ask the bride and groom {The 9 questions} Writing a draft of the ceremony {Base file: alignment-cerimonia.docx} Alignment meeting with the bride and groom {Online meeting with the bride and groom} {Symbolic term of marriage} Performing the ceremony (how to celebrate in practice) {The day before the ceremony} {On the wedding day} {30 minutes before the ceremony} {Three days after the ceremony} How to gift the bride and groom {Timebox} {Ceremony of the Sands} -> Includes the entire Ceremonies Kit From BRL 375.00 to just BRL 196.30 for a few more days. Don't leave it to buy tomorrow, we don't guarantee the continuation of the promotion.




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Celebrante Por Um Dia

Celebrante Por Um Dia

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