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Daniel Santos is a Brazilian wedding celebrant and spread around Deepak Chopra acknowledgment.

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Deepak Chopra message, video transcription:

Life blooms through the flow of giving and receiving, nothing is static, our bodies flourish through a dynamic and constant exchange with the universe. Cells cooperating one to another, blood must flow freely and stopping its flow creates coagulation, just as stopping the flow of a river creates stagnation.

Nature similarly provides us with perfect synchrony. The Sun provides warm for seed buds to sprout and the rain brings much humidity needed to crops, to subsequently nourish our bodies.

Nowhere in the natural world does hoarding exists, the flow of giving and receiving is a crucial part of nature rich abundance. In this way the flow of giving is very simple if you want joy, give joy to others, if love is what you seek, offer love. The more you give the more you'll receive.

By accepting abundance and goodness in your own life and offering to others you will create true abundance into your life.

Deepak Chopra

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